HTML Email Request

Description or Overview

HTML email templates allow us to customize the look and layout of email communications, primarily those for prospective audiences. They can included logos, photos, video, etc. These designs will be responsive so they work on all device sizes.



This service is available to all University:

  • faculty
  • staff


Required Information Needed to Complete Request

Detailed description with visual samples of:

  • Requested design
  • Layout
  • Functionality

Requestors should specify which email systems (Constant Contact, Slate, etc.) will be used to send the email.

The Web Team will provide the HTML for the template. Requestors will need to import the HTML into their email service of choice and are responsible for the dissemination of the emails.



Cost of Service

$40 per hour of development work.



Request Service


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Mon 5/9/22 9:46 AM
Wed 6/1/22 8:53 AM