Equipment Move Request

Description or Overview

For office or equipment moves including:

  • Office re-organization
  • Office relocation
  • Rearranging an office or suite of offices

Common request descriptions:

  • I'm moving my desk and my computer will be on the other side of the office.
  • We need to move the location of our printer.
  • I will be moving into a different office and need my computer moved. 

This service is available to all university

  • faculty
  • staff

Whenever possible, please provide at least two-weeks notice for moves, so we can schedule the various technicians.

We may schedule a pre-move consultation to see both current and destination locations with the person who is moving or their supervisor to confirm the layout and that all the necessary supporting changes can be made.

User Responsibilities

To facilitate a smooth move, please collect the following information before submitting the request:

  • Date of Move
  • Time window for move
  • Current Location
  • New Location 
  • What equipment is moving
  • Will facilities be moving furniture or equipment? Will IT just need to breakdown and set up the technology?
  • Are there any dependencies - person 1 needs to move before person 2?

​​​​​​For moves including multiple people, please fill out the excel form on the right of this screen and attach to the request. 

Request Equipment Move


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