Nursing E-portfolio

When would you use this?

You are developing the portfolio for the Nursing program.

Video Instructions:

You will be prompted to login to Canvas to view this video:

Instructional Video on How to make a new E-Portfolio in Google Sites (26 mins)

Written Instructions:

These steps cover the full setup of the portfolio across three separate systems.

Login or Setup Google Account:

  1. Create or login to an existing Google Account that is dedicated to your school/professional work (not the account that has all your personal photos and connected to your television, for example).

Google Drive Setup:

  1. Go to the Google Drive associated with that account
  2. Create a folder for all documents, photos, or other files that should go into your ePortfolio
  3. Share that folder with “anyone with the link can view” permission
  4. Place any already-existing documents/images/etc that will be in your portfolio into that folder (continue to add here for any new item you wish to put in your ePortfolio site)
    1. Videos should go in YouTube not in Google Drive… other video streaming services are also appropriate, but videos are best placed in streaming servers to preserve the best playback experience.

Google Site Setup:

If you are using a template:

  1. Click on the template for the program you are enrolled in (under '"Template" Google Sites for Nursing Programs' below). It will open up in Google Sites ( Again, make sure you are logged into the right Google Account.

  2. Make a copy of the site in your account. The instructions for doing this (with screenshots) are on the front page of the site. Here is an overview:

    • Click the More Menu (three dots at top right, next to "Publish")

    • Select "Make a Copy"

    • In the window that pops up, change the name of the site from "Copy of..." to something with your name.

    • Go to your sites (, and find the new site with your name. Open that site to begin working on it.

If you are building a Site From Scratch:

  1. Go to Google Sites

  2. Create a new Google Site and give it a Name

  3. You can choose to build your content and your site at this stage if doing this independently. In the workshops I lead, I do not go over content building here because sharing is the goal of the workshop… getting all the sharing pieces done properly while we are together. Building the site is easier and more appropriate to do independently.

  4. Share your Site (Publishing may be necessary)

    1. This process will walk you through the URL naming
    2. You can choose to share publicly or specifically with individuals
    3. When sharing publicly, I generally recommend to check the box to block search engines from crawling the ePortfolio site
  5. In the workshop, I cover how to build the website here. How to Insert, how to add and organize Pages, how to get the URL of your site, etc.

Turning in your Assignment in Canvas:

  1. Obtain the sharable URL for your site while in your Google Site
  2. Go to your Course in Canvas
  3. Find the Assignment where your teacher has asked you to turn in this work
  4. Paste the link (the one you obtained in step 11) into the box provided
  5. Submit

Link Resources:

"Template" Google Sites for Nursing Programs:

Students should copy the relevant site to their own Google Sites account and rename their own copy so, as referenced in the initial training video.


Environment/Applies To:

Google Sites

Nursing Graduate Program (MSN)

NURC.915 Course

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