How To Use the Technology in a Classroom


When would you use this?

If you want to use the projectors and TVs in a classroom.


  • Power on displays by pressing the "On" button on the MediaLink Controller, TouchLink Panel, or TV remote in the front of the classroom.
    • If there is a projector in your room, you will have to wait 30-90 seconds while the controller is blinking and the projector warms up.
  • Connect your laptop to the HDMI cable and select the HDMI input, this input could be labeled "Laptop" or "HDMI Laptop" on the MediaLink Controller or TouchLink Panel.
  • If your laptop is still not projecting, make sure your display settings are set correctly on your laptop.
    • For a Windows laptop, hold down the "Windows" and "P" key to bring up your display settings. Then select "Duplicate".
    • For a Mac laptop, click the Apple icon on the top left corner of your screen and select "System Preferences". Select "Displays", then under the "Arrangement" tab, make sure that the "Mirror Displays" option is checked off.
  • Once you are finished using the classroom technology, please press the "Off" button on the MediaLink controller, TouchLink panel or TV remote.


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Each classroom has different categories and devices. Please check our full Classroom Technology Guide attached to this article.


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