How do I connect my console or smart TV to the internet?


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Many devices that connect to the Framingham State University wireless network are not designed to process the encryption the University uses to establish secure connections over the FSU Wireless network. To accommodate these types of devices, FSU allows students to register these devices ahead of time and connect them to the FSU Guest network. The security used on FSU Guest is much easier for some devices to process. 


To register your device, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Please visit You will login with your FSU credentials in the following format:


Username: first initial last name user account (ex. jsmith or jsmith4)

Password: FSU account password


Username: campus\user account (ex. campus\jsmith or campus\jsmith4)

Password: FSU account password

2. To add a device select: “Devices” from the left column.

3. Select “Add” to input the devices information.

4. You will be presented with the “New Device” window. You will need to enter specific information about the device you wish to register.

5. Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Onboarding Template: No changes are allowed here.
  • MAC Address: This is the unique identification address of the device. It can often be found on the box the device came in or in the “Systems” settings of the device. Please reference your particular devices documentation to find this address.
  • Device Type Group: Select the group to which your device belongs. ex. streaming device, gaming console, chromebook etc. 
  • Device Type: Select the type of device you are trying to register. For example, if it’s a gaming console, is it a Nintendo device, Xbox, Playstation etc.
  • Delete on Expire: You may leave this box unchecked.
  • Activate Account On: These boxes will be set to the date and time you are registering this device. You may leave this information unchanged.
  • End-System Groups - Single Membership: Select the closest category that fits your device.
  • Duration: This is the amount of time the device will be registered. You may leave this box unchanged.
  • Select save when done.

6. Once saved, you may exit the portal by selecting “logout” in the upper right, or you may select “Add” again to enter another device. Once done you may connect your registered devices to the FSU Guest network and they should now have Internet connectivity. 

Environment/Applies To:

Consoles, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Smart TVs, Student

Additional Information:

Please note, MAC addresses only consist of numbers and letters A-F.


If you need help locating the wireless MAC address on your gaming device, please look at our knowledge base article here:

For finding the wireless MAC address on common TV types:

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