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Do you have Banner screens that you use all the time?  Are you tried of typing the form name?  Are you having trouble remembering a form name?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then maybe you'd like to set up your own "My Banner" or even better "Favorites".  You'll never need to remember a form name or have to type it again. 



  1. Log into Banner and look to the left side menu bar.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Click My Banner.
  4. Scroll & Click on Organize My Banner.
  5. Click Go (top right).
  6. Enter the name of the form/screen into the Type box or scroll through the available Object Types (left side). 
  7. Double click on the Object Name (text will turn blue) and Click Insert Selection.  This will move it from the left side to the right side.   To remove an object from your list, double click the object on the right side and click Remove Selection.  Everything you add to the right side, will appear (in the order it was added) to My Banner.   Exit the screen when finished. 
  8. Click back on My Banner to see the items you’ve added. 
  9. You can also add any of these to “Favorites” by clicking on the STAR next to the name.  This will reduce the amount of clicks to get to your most frequently used forms/screens. 
  10. Click Back to Main Menu, then Click Favorite.
  11. The items previously selected now appear under Favorites. 


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This service provides administrative, management, and technical support for Ellucian’s Banner student information system that is used by the University as the authoritative source of data that pertain to admitted students including (but not limited to); academic records, course schedule, and financial accounting. It is also used for transaction processing including (but not limited to); enrollment, registration, and payment processing.