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Reporting can range from a simple data extract to a complicated variety of parameters, filters and logic.  Needs and requirements can vary by user, department and purpose.  While some applications used on campus have their own reporting capabilities, our main reporting tool is Argos (Evisions). 

To request a change or modification to an existing Argos report, please use the red "Request a Change" link found on the report's main page in Argos. 


If  you'd like to request a new report, please Click Here to access the Data Cookbook.  If you don't have an account within the Data Cookbook, you can request one on the main login page.  Please be as detailed in the request as you can.  Include Banner screen names and fields whenever possible.  Also, if you can provide examples of who/what meets or doesn't meet the criteria you're requesting, that can be useful in creating the report. Fill in all required fields and submit.  Please note there is a general turn-around time of 6-8 weeks for most reports.

Once you submit the report request in the Data Cookbook, a ticket will be automatically created for you.

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Argos and Data Cookbook


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