Connecting to FSU_Wireless on a Mac

When would you use this?

When you are on campus, you will sign into FSU_Wireless to gain access to the Internet. When you are on campus and you wish to gain Internet access on a Mac, follow the instructions below. 


  1. Click the Wifi icon on the top right, then click FSU_Wireless
  2. Use your FSU account in the format:
    1. For students, use your FSU credentials in the format student\username and your FSU password to login
    2. For employees, use your FSU credentials in the format campus\username and your FSU password to login

*Be sure to use the backslash (\) NOT forward slash (/)

  1. It may prompt you to trust the certificate. Click OK to any prompt
  2. Finally, it will ask for the password you use to log into your Mac. This is a personal password that FSU does not manage. 

Environment/Applies To:

FSU_Wireless, Students, Faculty and Staff

Additional Information:

If you are having trouble connecting, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Apple icon on the top left, then Wi-Fi from the drop down menu
  2. Click Advanced
  3. In Preferred Networks list, find and select FSU_Wireless
  4. Click the remove button (–) below
  5. Click OK and then Apply
  6. Finally, try re-connecting to FSU_Wireless


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