How do I forget a network on a Mac laptop or desktop?


When would you use this?

Mac devices on occasion will automatically switch between FSU_Wireless and FSU Guest. When it switches to FSU Guest, it will require authentication every three days in order to join. If proper authentication is not established, FSU Guest will drop you from the wifi. Unless you are a guest to the University, you should always use FSU_Wireless over FSU_Guest, because re-authentication is not required unless the network is forgotten. Forgetting FSU Guest from your wifi list will prevent the random switch.


  1. Click the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen, and click System Preferences
  2. Within System Preferences, click Network
  3. On the list to the left, confirm Wi-Fi is highlighted, and click the Advanced... button
  4. The Wi-Fi tab will show a Preferred Networks list, highlight FSU Guest and click the minus (-) button
  5. Click Okay, and then Apply to complete the changes

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Mac OS, FSU_Wireless, FSU_Guest

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