How do I forget a network on a Windows laptop or desktop?

When would you use this?

If a Windows computer is connected to FSU_Wireless but cannot access the internet, forget FSU_Wireless and re-connect.


  1. Click on the Type here to search bar on the bottom left of your task bar
  2. Type in Wi-Fi Settings and hit enter

  1. Click on Manage Known Networks
  2. Locate FSU_Wireless in the list and click Forget
  3. Go back to your list of networks using the small network icon on the bottom right of your task bar
  4. Re-connect to FSU_Wireless
  • If you are a student, sign in with your FSU credentials in the format student\username
  • If you are a faculty or staff member, sign in with your FSU credentials in the format campus\username


Environment/Applies To:

Windows OS, FSU_Wireless, FSU_Guest

Additional Information:

Unless you are a guest to the University, you should always use FSU_Wireless over FSU_Guest.


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Thu 5/12/22 10:10 AM
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