TurnItIn Similarity-detection Software (formerly Ouriginal)

TurnItIn Similarity-detection Software

As of August 19, 2022 Ouriginal has been replaced by TurnItIn as a result of an acquisition.

TurnItIn is software that detects similarity in written student work to promote academic integrity and prevent plagiarism. TurnItIn is integrated into FSU's Canvas instance and can be easily added as a feature to assignments that you create that have an online submission.

Adding TurnItIn Plagiarism Review to Assignments in Canvas

1. In Assignments, select ‘the + Assignment’ button (top right)  and a new screen will appear to create your assignment. Complete the assignment as you normally would with an Assignment Name etc. until you reach the ‘Submission Type’ box.

2. In the Submission Type box, be sure to select ‘Online’ then select your preferred ‘Entry Options’ (TurnItIn Plagiarism Review is supported for Text Entry and File Uploads only).

3. Select ‘TurnItIn Similarity’ from the dropdown menu in the ‘Plagiarism Review’ box that appears. Then, the following Plagiarism Settings will become available:

  • Exclude for Similarity Reports: If you check the box for "Bibliography," TurnItIn will not check any text that follows the word bibliography. If you check "Quotes," TurnItIn will ignore text in quotation marks.
  • Submission Indexing: If this box is NOT checked, documents submitted to this assignment will NOT be saved to the TurnItIn database for future submissions to be checked against. You may want to check this box if you plan to create separate Canvas assignments for each draft of a given product. In that case, only the final draft should be submitted. You may also want to check this box if the submitted work contains personal or sensitive information, or if the work is pre-publication.
  • Generate Similarity Reports: The first options will signal to TurnItIn to generate a Similarity Report immediately upon submission AND to also have submissions re-checked after the due date, resulting in a new Similarity report. The second option will result in only one Similarity Report per submission, immediately after submission.
  • Show Report To Students: Immediately, After the assignment is graded, after the due date, or Never.

​4. Set any other options or settings you prefer for this assignment. Then click ‘Save & Publish.'

Read more about the TurnItIn database.

Videos from TurnItIn

Setting up an assignment with TurnItIn in Canvas

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