Quick Start Assistance


Requesting the Quick Start Assistance service allows us to review our records for possible pre-existing matches in our database. If it is determined there is a match, we will update our records and send next-step instructions to the email address provided.

If it is determined there is not a match, we will use the information submitted to establish a student profile. Next-step instructions will be sent to the email address provided.

In both instances, please wait at least 30-minutes following receipt of the email before attempting to change/update your password or log into myFramingham.


How to Submit

(1) Download the FSU Substitute W-9S Form

To request Quick Start Assistance you will need to complete and upload a substitute W-9S form. Use the link below to download.

FSU Substitute W-9S Form

(2) Request Service

Use the Request Service link to the right to complete the request and submit the form.


Request Service


Service ID: 53602
Tue 6/20/23 3:30 PM
Fri 5/17/24 9:24 AM