4+1 Intent to Register (Undergraduate only)


4+1 programs give high-achieving undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a graduate degree in just one additional year. To register for a graduate-level course before completing your undergraduate degree, please contact your program's Coordinator regarding appropriate approvals and use the 4+1 Intent to Register service.


How to Submit the 4+1 Intent to Register Service

If you have not yet been awarded your undergraduate degree, please use the Submit 4+1 Intent to Register service button to the right to submit your responses and complete your request. The Registrar's Office will review your submission and we will register you for the graduate-level course(s).

During the Fall and Spring terms the graduate-level course credits will be associated with your Day Division course load.

For the Summer term please review the Student Accounts Tuition and Fees page for Continuing Education/DGCE Graduate-level course cost.



Submit 4+1 Intent to Register


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