Order New Hardware

Description or Overview

Use this service when ordering new or replacement hardware. Use the button on the right- Request IT approval to fill make the request. The form will have some fields that will help with the ordering process:

  • Banner Requisition number
  • Who the purchase is for
  • What the equipment is
  • Is it new or replacement (if new why, if replacement what is it replacing)
  • Location



This service is available to all university

  • faculty
  • staff


Note: A requisition for purchase must be filled out through Banner prior to requesting this service. You will need to enter the requisition number into the request.  If you need consultation on what to buy or would like IT to get you a quote, use the request a quote for hardware service instead.
Order New Hardware


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Mon 2/20/23 11:51 AM
Tue 9/12/23 3:09 PM