Qualtrics access for students

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You want to support your students in creating surveys in Qualtrics.


Framingham State students can access Qualtrics by going to https://framinghamstudent.qualtrics.com/ and logging in with their regular FSU username and password.
Prior to getting started, watch an overview video of using Qualtrics (you will need to sign in with your campus username/password to view).
It’s recommended that students share any survey they are working on with their faculty member so they can easily work together by adding the faculty member as a collaborator.
How to share your survey is covered in the video as well as in the following Qualtrics help article: https://www.qualtrics.com/support/survey-platform/my-projects/sharing-a-project/#SharingInsideYourOrganization

Contact eto@framingham.edu if you have follow up questions.

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Note: Faculty access Qualtrics by logging in at https://framingham.qualtrics.com/ and can see projects that students have shared with them using the “collaborate” option. 
In order to see surveys that have been shared with you, you need to have created at least one of your own surveys in your Qualtrics account.


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