Polling and Surveys


This service includes provisioning of and assistance with using application-based, online, and device-specific polling or survey systems that are supported by the University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) organization which include; Qualtrics, Zoom Polling, and tools within the Learning Management System. Administrative and technical support within the scope of this service consists of the following:

  • Administration of subscriptions and licenses to use the applications 
  • Provisioning user accounts, login credentials, and access privileges 
  • Consultation and general “best practice” guidance  
  • Vendor management 
  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems or making configuration changes 

NOTE: Primary support for Qualtrics is provided by the vendor. When a user is logged into Qualtrics they may use Qualtrics Help to access extensive online training materials. E-mail and phone contact information for individual support is also provided by Qualtrics.  See Qualtrics Support [https://www.qualtrics.com/support/].



All Faculty and Staff are eligible for this service. Students may use the service under the guidance of a faculty or staff member.


Features and Benefits
  • Secure access to survey data 
  • Survey templates to guide beginners through the process of creating a survey 
  • Survey Template Library to customize surveys for a specific purpose 
  • Display output graphically and statistically  
  • Compatible outputs include SPSS, PDF, Word, or comma-separated values for Excel 
  • Self-support Qualtrics video tutorials and text documentation 
  • Access to online libraries, tutorials, and Qualtrics support

NOTE: Qualtrics is not suitable for the storage or transmission of sensitive or confidential data.



Access privileges to use Zoom Polling and Qualtrics for creating and managing surveys can only be requested by individuals with login credentials that are provisioned by the University. 


Requesting the Service

Use the “Request Assistance” or "Report an Issue" button on this web page to provide basic information about your unmet or anticipated need; or issue you've encountered and submit the online form.


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Fulfillment Target

Within two business days, the Education Technology Office will follow up with the person needing assistance if the incident or request cannot be resolved or fulfilled during first contact.  An appointment will be scheduled if necessary.


Request Assistance with Polling or Surveys Report an Issue with Polling or Surveys

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Students can gain access to Qualtrics under direction of a faculty member.


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