What is the laptop requirement for students? Do you have any recommendations?


What is the laptop requirement for students at FSU? Do you have any recommendations?


Each student at FSU must have an up-to-date laptop computer. "Up-to-date" means purchased within the last 3 years, has Windows 10 or newer, Mac OSx Big Sur or newer, has a minimum of a 2 hour battery life, and contains at least a 256GB hard drive, 8GB of RAM, and an i5 Processor. 

Important Note

A Chromebook or a tablet do NOT meet the laptop requirement. This is due to the inability to load software that is needed for classes.

If you are considering purchasing a Mac, please consider your program of study. There are some software that your professor may require you to use that may not work on a Mac. For example, Microsoft Access does not exist for a Mac and certain classes teach Access. However, we do have computer labs on campus that have pre-installed software that can be used in these instances. If you are concerned, please contact your department of study. 
If you are unsure what to purchase, IT negotiates a deal with Dell to provide a laptop at a discounted rate. The 2023-2024 recommended laptop, Dell Latitude 7440, is still currently live for purchasing. This laptop gets shipped directly to you with Windows 11 Pro, 256GB Solid State Drive, 32GB RAM, and an i5 Processor. The recommended model comes with a 4 year on-site warranty (certain exclusions apply, such as a battery replacement after the 1st year, fire, or intentional damage), or you can contact Dell directly for repairs, and we can also offer a loaner laptop in the event the laptop needs to be repaired while supplies last. Lastly, this model comes with theft recovery software, Computrace, so the laptop has a higher chance of being recovered if ever stolen. To purchase this model, navigate to https://dell.com/framingham and click on the "Shop Recommended Solutions" link. 
If you have any further questions, please contact us either by phone at 508-215-5906 or by email at it@framingham.edu


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