Are you a new or returning student? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for students.

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Searching for Knowledge Articles and Services

See how to search for Knowledge Articles and Services we offer.

Self-Service Password Reset Guide

If you are having issues accessing your account or have forgotten your password, you can use our self-service password reset tool to regain access. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to reset your password.

How do I access my FSU email?

Access your FSU email address through Office 365

Connecting to FSU_Wireless

Connect to the Wifi on campus with these instructions

What is the laptop requirement for students? Do you have any recommendations?

Laptop requirement for students, and our recommended model

Canvas Help, Strategies for Success, and Learning Technologies (for Students)

Learn more about Canvas, strategies for success, and learning technologies such as Panopto and Voice Thread

How do I connect my console or smart TV to the internet?

Register your console to FSU Guest in order to gain access to the internet

How do I print as a student?

Printers are available for use across campus, you do not need to buy a printer for your dorm room

How can I download Microsoft Office 365 on my personal computer?

Instructions to install Microsoft Office 365 for free on a personal computer

How do I access virtual software through Apporto?

Apporto is a virtual desktop environment that provides access to software such as SPSS, Microsoft Office365 (including Access), and Minitab, on a virtual PC interface without having to download the software to your computer.

Does the University Offer Any Discounted Software for Students?

Once registered with your FSU email, you will be able to get software at a discount. Such as Adobe Creative Cloud, IBM SPSS Statistics, and others.

Why should I back up my data on my computer?

Unfortunately, losing all of your data on your computer can happen in an instant. Get into the habit of backing up your computer with Microsoft One Drive

Submitting an ITS Ticket

Using the IT Self-Service Portal to submit a Service Request or Report an Incident.

Checking the Status of your Ticket(s)

How to view the status of your ticket(s).