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Ask students to create and submit a video using Panopto.
Troubleshoot the visibility of a Panopto folder in the desktop application.
User trying to view a Panopto video sees a black screen and is unable to view it upon trying to sign in.
Convert a voiceover PowerPoint into a video
There is more than one approach to teaching your course. Framingham State University supports several methods and related technologies for teaching, whether online, remote, face-to-face or combined modalities. Reference the links on this page to access resources, learn new pedagogical approaches, and leverage technologies to engage students in your classrooms.
Learn more about Canvas, strategies for success, and learning technologies such as Panopto and Voice Thread
Procedure to add a Panopto video into a page, assignment, or discussion.
Schedule Zoom meetings in the Canvas course
Captions can be auto-generated.
Are you interested in registering for a workshop? Are you looking for a recording of a workshop? This article has all the answers.