Panopto Student Video Assignment

When would you use this?

You want students to submit a video as an assignment. It is also possible to keep the submissions private or allow students to view each other's videos.


View this video tutorial to learn how to set up the video assignment in Panopto. A Panopto video can be created on a user's phone or laptop and can include screen-sharing, PowerPoint presentation, or simply the webcam of the individual.

Initial Setup:

  1. Click on Panopto Video
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top right
  3. Under Assignment Folder, click “Create Assignment Folder”
  4. Click the X at the top right to close this Popup window

The assignment folder has been created and students will need to navigate from Panopto Video into the sub-folder to be able to record or upload a video.

You can update the settings for this assignment folder:

  1. Open the assignment folder
  2. Click the gear icon at the top right
    1. From the Overview area, you can edit the name of the folder to include the title of your assignment
    2. From the Settings area, you can opt to check the box to “Allow viewers to see each other’s sessions” – which will allow students to see each other’s videos. Default is that students cannot see each other’s videos.

This video showcases what the student experience could look like if you asked the student to submit their Panopto video to a Canvas assignment. However, it is also possible to simply ask students to record directly within the Panopto Video assignment folder (without tying it to a Canvas assignment).

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