Zoom Meetings in Canvas

When would you use this?

Zoom is integrated with Canvas and Panopto. Once you follow the below steps to set it up, when you record a Zoom meeting that was scheduled through the Canvas course, the recording will automatically be brought into the course via the associated Panopto Video link in your course menu. This process makes it safe and secure to create meetings for your class, share the meeting links securely within Canvas, and make the recordings available to the students in that specific course with little additional work.

Watch the Video:

View this video tutorial (6:25 mins) of how to incorporate Zoom into your Canvas course.


Written Instructions:

Enable Zoom license

You need to have a Zoom license with Framingham State University. If you add Zoom Meeting to your course menu but then get an error message, please email it@framingham.edu to request a Zoom license.

Add Zoom Meeting to your Canvas course menu

In your Canvas course:

  1. Access Settings from the course menu.
  2. Click the Navigation tab.
  3. Scroll down into the hidden tools section. Drag "Zoom Meeting" up into the visible menu (or alternatively click on the three-dot menu to select Enable).
  4. Click Save.

Schedule meetings

  1. Select Zoom Meeting from the course menu (see above for how to add it to the menu).
  2. Click the blue Schedule a New Meeting button in the top right of the page.
  3. Title your meeting, set a date, duration, recurrence and, optionally, choose to automatically record.
  4. Optionally, you can use either a password or the waiting room for your meeting.
  5. Click save to create the meeting.

Students can then access the meeting(s) by accessing the course and clicking on Zoom Meeting in the menu.

Recording to Panopto

When scheduling a meeting, if you opt to "record to the cloud", then the captioned recording will automatically be inserted into the Panopto Video menu area in the course. Since Zoom recordings are deleted from Zoom after 90 days, using this Panopto integration will ensure that your recordings are retained longer term.

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Additional Information:

For assistance with using Zoom, see the Zoom Community's Frequently Asked Questions.

Email eto@framingham.edu for support with setting up Zoom in Canvas.


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