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Receive error that you are not authorized to start/join meeting in Zoom
While Zoom Webinar operates much like Zoom Meeting it does have several differences. These differences are highlighted in this article. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom and are looking for a more generic overview, please start by visiting our Zoom Meeting guide.
Provides basic navigation and interaction overviews for participants and hosts of Zoom meetings. Not all features will be available to all participants based on their assigned roles in a particular meeting.
Provides a table format breakdown of the differences between Zoom webinar and Zoom meeting, and likely scenarios where each one is the most appropriate tool for the job.
There are many options available to make Zoom meetings and webinars more accessible and enjoyable to your attendees. This guide will highlight some that are available or may be required for your presentation.
Instructors can set up Zoom meetings for course groups.
Schedule Zoom meetings in the Canvas course
How to update your Zoom client.