How do I access virtual software through Apporto?


When would you use this?

Apporto is a virtual desktop environment that provides access to software such as SPSS, Microsoft Office365 (including Access), and Minitab, on a virtual PC interface without having to download the software to your computer.  Similar to what you experience in the general labs, 50 users (students and faculty too) may access each hosted application at any one time.


  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your FSU Account
  3. From the App Store section, launch your desired program 

Please view this video that shows the basic functionality of Apporto

If you are having issues or want to learn about more functionality within Apporto, there are a lot of helpful user guides through Apporto's Help Center.

Environment/Applies To:

Apporto, Windows, Microsoft Office 365, SPSS, Minitab

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