Project Management


Using a standard methodology, this service defines schedules and manages projects involving multiple departments across the University. This service may also assist with providing advice for best practices as they relate to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).


Any request for Project Management services must be initiated by (or on behalf of) a “Project Sponsor”, and meet the definition of a project (as shown under the “prerequisites” section below). A “Project Sponsor” is limited to executive staff and the CIO.


Information Technology Services (ITS) at Framingham State University employs formal project management for requests that meet the following criteria:

  • An initiative that requires > 40 hours of combined effort from two or more individuals employed by the University.
  • Planning and coordination that involves personnel within ITS and/or other functional areas within the University, and/or third party product/service providers.

Any request that meets the preceding measures, along with all of the following criteria, will be evaluated, initiated (or deferred), planned, executed/controlled, and ultimately fulfilled/closed in accordance with the Framingham State University Information Technology Services documented project management methodology:

  • A unique endeavor that has a defined scope of work to be completed within a specific timeline (distinct beginning and end dates).
  • A need for a temporary working group that needs to be assembled for the specific purpose of achieving clearly defined objectives.
  • A need for a designated project manager responsible for meeting the specified objectives on-time, staying within budget and achieving the desired outcome.
  • Sponsorship from a Vice President, Associate Vice President or Dean authorizing the work and associated allocation of resources to complete it.
Features and Benefits
  • Streamlined approach to managing Information Technology (IT) related projects.
  • Ensures that work is completed on time, within budget and consistent with agreed upon objectives.
  • Single, centrally located view of the University’s IT related projects from a budget, resource and progress perspective.
Requesting the Service

The project sponsor, manager, or initiator will complete a Project Request Form, which may be found on
If your project requires an RFP (purchases greater than or equal to $25,000), please complete that process prior to submitting your Project Request Form. We highly recommend that you include an ITS representative on the review committee.

Step 1: The project requestor should meet with appropriate ITS staff to review technical requirements and internal standards. This technical group will provide hardware and software quotes and time estimates as appropriate.

Step 2: If the project requires integration with other Administrative and Student Information Systems’ applications (not just hyper link or informational channel), Administrative and Student Information Management Team (ASMIT) must also review the project.


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Fulfillment Target

Within one month of the assigned project start date, an ITS representative will meet with the Project Sponsor (and/or designee) to create a formal Project Charter. The assigned start date is determined based on any required completion date and other projects in the queue ahead of it. Regular project team meetings will begin on the start date and monitoring of the project will occur until the project’s deliverables are met.


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