Assessment Systems and Learning Analytics


This service provides support for learning analytics and assessment technologies to measure student learning outcomes. Examples include collecting data for accreditation with tools such as Qualtrics and Argos, assessing course analytics using Canvas Outcomes, and reviewing data on tool usage within the Canvas Learning Management System using the Canvas Impact tool. The scope of support includes the following:

  • Consultative support for identifying specific unmet and anticipated needs associated with academic assessment that may be addressed using software for analytics.
  • Vendor management associated with procurements of new software tools, and annual budgeting for license or subscription renewals needed to ensure access to the software, as well as support and maintenance provided by the supplier (for anything funded from the annual ITS budget allocation).
  • Project management support for assessments including the joint development of proposals, charters, and plans for the implementation of new software, novel applications of existing software, and major upgrades or replacements. Integration of software tools with the University’s Canvas Learning Management System (when feasible and as needed).
  • Access management including; creating new accounts, granting privileges, and secure log in for software tools supported within the scope of this service.
  • Assistance with data collection, training, documentation, and development of reports along with gap analysis for identifying opportunities for improving learning.
  • Technical support for the software supported within the scope of this service including; implementation, troubleshooting, and resolving incidents.



This service is available to Faculty, Department Assessment Teams and the Office of Assessment.


Features and Benefits

Learning analytics refers to the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners. By leveraging learning analytics, students, faculty, and administrators can improve learning and course outcomes, and develop more engaged and effective teaching and learning techniques. Technologies used for this purpose include:

  • Canvas Impact
  • Canvas Outcomes
  • Qualtrics
  • Argos(Evisions)
  • Watermark (DGCE Course Evaluation Solution)



Consultation with IT staff in advance of implementing any new software tool or systems integration.


Requesting the Service

Use the “Request Assistance” link to provide us with some basic information about your unmet or anticipated need and then submit your request.


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Fulfillment Target

Within two business days, the Education Technology Office will respond to the requestor to acknowledge the service request and schedule a consultation.


Request Assistance with Assessment and Learning Analytics Report an Issue with Assessment


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Service Offerings (2)

Request Assistance with Assessment
Request support for academic assessment efforts at the course, department, and program level using analytics.
Report an Issue with Assessment or Learning Analytics
Report an issue related to an assessment system or learning analytics.