Knowledge Management


The following is included within the scope of this service offering:

  • Documented procedures for how a process is fulfilled or a problem is resolved.   
  • Possible classifications may include: FAQ, Workaround, Known Error, News, Policy, How to, Service)  
  • (For incidents) Includes specific pieces of knowledge used to resolve an Incident or Inclusive of these steps: New, Draft, Submitted, Reviewed, Approved, Published and Retired.  
  • The resources and tools used  
  • The contacts needed  
  • The reports and information used/developed  
  • Timeframes in which defined tasks must be accomplished 
  • Unique or unexpected situations  
  • Standards and Procedures 



Students, faculty, and staff may utilize the resource at any time.


Features and Benefits


  • Improved quality and consistency of support services provided to the community 
  • Increased efficiency of all support staff  
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing across the enterprise  
  • Improved customer success and use of self-service  
  • Increased end-user satisfaction and perception




  • Knowledge articles follow an approval workflow process before they are shared with the user community as documented below.   
  • All knowledge articles are reviewed for accuracy at least once a year or when a process is updated, changed or retired.


Requesting the Service

Knowledge articles are available enterprise wide from the content management system or self-service portal. Knowledge articles can be produced in response to a request if the information does not exist.


Related Documentation



Fulfillment Target

Knowledge articles are processed within 2 to 5 business days depending on need and available resources. 


Request a New Knowledge Article Report a Problem with a Knowledge Article


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