Course missing from Canvas Dashboard


You cannot find a course in the Canvas Dashboard.


The Canvas Dashboard lists a sample of up to 20 courses you are enrolled in for the current term. If you cannot find a specific course:

  1. Click on Courses (book icon) from the global menu on the left side of Canvas
  2. Scroll down and click All Courses
  3. Locate the course and then click the star icon to add to your favorites (favorite courses for the current term are prioritized for the Dashboard)

 Alternately, you can follow this URL and will see your "All Courses" page after successfully logging in:

This Canvas Guide provides additional detail and screenshots:

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Additional Information:

NOTES about the "current term":

  • Courses will automatically be removed from the Dashboard approximately one week after the official semester end date.
  • Past courses are visible in your All Courses list.
  • The next term courses will appear for faculty approximately in the later third of a given semester; the delay is to prevent over-crowding the Dashboard. The next term courses (once Published by faculty) will appear for students approximately one week prior to the start date of the term.


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