Set up Zoom for student group meetings

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Students are not provided with FSU Zoom licenses and therefore cannot create meetings through the Canvas Zoom Meeting page. Instructors can create meetings through the course to make it easy for students to access the links and to keep the links private (this is important!).


Instructors can make generic "Recurring" meetings (use "no fixed time" recurrence) and name them appropriately for the groups that students will use. Instructors should allow participants to "join before host" and can also allow screen sharing in the instructor's Zoom account for all of meetings if students will need to share their screen in these sessions. 
If the instructor chooses to allow sharing in all their meetings, remember during class sessions to toggle this setting on/off quickly with the shield icon! It's best if if instructors don't allow all participants to share in class meetings (unless there is a specific reason), but in order to allow it in the session where the host is not present, instructors would need to enable sharing broadly in the whole account.

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