How to add a network printer to a Mac

Using printsrv to add a printer does not work on a Mac, so the printer needs to be added via IP address using the correct printer driver.
To add a network printer on a Mac, follow these steps:
*Depending on the model of printer, additional software (the printer driver) will need to be installed first* 
1.Install the additional software first by opening a search engine, such as Google, and searching for the model of the printer plus "driver" in a search. For example, searching "Dell 2145cn Driver"
2.Install the driver from the printer manufacturers website
3.Once the software is installed, obtain the IP address of the printer. This will be located on the printer as a 10.3.250.XXX number
4.On the Mac, open a System Preferences window by clicking on the Apple logo at the top left hand corner and clicking System Preferences
5.Click Printers & Scanners
6.Click the (+) icon at the bottom of the printer list
7.Once the add printer window pops up, click the IP tab
8.Type in the following settings:

Address: (the obtained IP address)
Protocol: Line Printer Daemon- LPD
Queue: (blank)
Name: (preferably the printsrv name, so that we can troubleshoot if there are any issues)
Location: (this should auto-fill)
Use: (this is the printer software we installed in the first step. If this does not show up automatically, click on the drop down and search for another device)

7.Click Add
If you need further assistance, please obtain the name (or location) of the printer and bring your laptop to our service desk in the lower mezzanine of the Whittemore Library. 


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