Printing and Related Support


The scope of this service includes support for networked printers, copiers, and multifunction device hardware and software that are either owned or leased by the University as follows:


University Owned 

  • Full life cycle management including purchasing consultation, procurement, configuration, distribution, loaning, asset tracking, refreshing (upgrades and replacements), and technology recycling for university owned devices and software that are supported by the Information Technology Services organization before, during, and after their use until the time they are no longer the property of Framingham State. (See the “Hardware Lifecycle Management” service description for details). 
  • Warranty repair and replacement for eligible devices. 
  • On-campus and remote troubleshooting, patching, and updates of managed devices within the scope of University standards for networked printers and copiers including multifunction devices capable of copying, scanning, faxing, and printing including 3D printing and other replicating technologies such as fax machines. 
  • Administration of software licenses and ongoing support for the configuration, upgrade, maintenance, and troubleshooting used for print quota and usage monitoring.
  • Relocation and setup of devices during facilities and/or personnel moves, adds, or changes.  


University Leased 

  • Chargebacks, ordering new equipment, and removal of equipment is coordinated by the Coordination of ITS business Operations.
  • All requests for services and supplies related to Ricoh Multifunction Devices (a.k.a. Copiers or MFDs) are submitted to Ricoh USA by a designated administrative office or academic department administrative assistant via  Ricoh will contact the University’s ITS organization if they need any technical support from the University.


Other Devices and Services

  • Chargebacks, and removal of Xerox equipment is coordinated by the ITS Business Operations Coordinator.  These systems are replaced on an as needed basis with Ricoh copiers.
  • All requests for services and supplies related to University owned Xerox copiers (a.k.a. MFDs) are handled through Xerox Business Solutions New England. These requests are handled by Department a designated administrative office or academic department administrative assistant:


  • Xerox will contact the University’s ITS organization if they need any technical support from the University.



Students, faculty and staff are all eligible for this service.


Features and Benefits

Departmental/ Network Printing

  • By floor / and or department
  • Includes black and white and color options
  • Secure print available requiring password for release of print job

Copy Machines

  • Available per building and for use in multiple departments

Student Printing

  • Users will have one interface for printing, copying, and scanning--with the additional option to scan to email.
  • Located in multiple locations across campus.
  • No software needed
  • Wireless printing



Level of support provided is contingent upon whether the device is owned or by the University, leased, or a highly specialized device that is not within the scope of University standards supported by the University’s Information Technology Services organization.


Requesting the Service

Click on service you are requesting from this web page in order to provide us with some basic information about your unmet or anticipated need and then submit your request.  Before submitting, please have the following information available:

  • Building(s) and room(s) where the equipment is, or will be located
  • Type of equipment (i.e. make and model)


Related Documentation


Fulfillment Target

Within two business days, ITS will respond to the requestor to acknowledge the service request and schedule a repair or support.


Request Assistance with Printing and Related Support Request New Copier Installation Report an Issue with a Printer

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