Services that support access and use of community members’ devices and related peripherals. Includes desktop and mobile device support, printing and related services, and software and applications distribution.

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Software & Applications

Need a quote, information of our campus standards, request approval for purchase, don't know what or how to buy technology, look here.

Hardware Lifecycle

This service provides purchasing consultation, hardware procurement, configuration, distribution, loaning, asset tracking, refreshing (upgrades and replacements), and technology recycling for university owned computers that are supported by the Information Technology Services organization before, during, and after their use until the time they are no longer the property of Framingham State.


Centrally managed administrative and technical support for networked printers and copier hardware and software including multi-function devices capable of copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. This also includes print quota systems, 3D printing, and other replicating technologies.

Articles (22)

Adding a Shortcut to your Desktop

How to add Shortcuts to your Desktop

Does the University offer any software at a discount?

Once registered with your FSU email, you will be able to get software at a discount. Such as Adobe Creative Cloud, IBM SPSS Statistics, and others.

Forticlient VPN settings for Windows

Forticlient VPN settings for Windows

How can I download Microsoft Office 365 on my personal computer?

Instructions to install Microsoft Office 365 for free on a personal computer

How do I access virtual software through Apporto?

Apporto is a virtual desktop environment that provides access to software such as SPSS, Microsoft Office365 (including Access), and Minitab, on a virtual PC interface without having to download the software to your computer.

How do I request a loaner laptop?

How do I make a request to borrow a laptop from ITS?

How to accept a Bomgar remote request

Details on accepting a remote request

How to access a shared drive on a mac

How to access a shared (network) drive on a Mac

How to add and remove Forticlient VPN connection

If you are off campus and lose connection to on-campus resources through FortiClient VPN, such as Banner and Argos, deleting and re-adding the FSU VPN connection may fix the issue

How to Copy & Paste in Apporto

Sometimes you may want to copy and paste content from your computer to the Apporto desktop, or vica versa.  You can do this using the copy and paste menus or keyboard shortcuts, for example, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

How to find the computer's name on a Windows PC

How to find the computer's name on a Windows PC

How to run a Virus Scan with Windows Defender

How to run a Virus Scan with Windows Defender

I am a student and I need a loaner laptop during the semester

I am a student and I need a loaner laptop during the semester.

Updating Zoom

How to update your Zoom client.

What is the laptop requirement for students? Do you have any recommendations?

Laptop requirement for students, and our recommended model

Why should I back up my data on my computer?

Unfortunately, losing all of your data on your computer can happen in an instant. Get into the habit of backing up your computer with Microsoft One Drive