SharePoint Intranet Introduction

Our Marketing team is planning to transition to a new website during Spring 2024. One of the primary goals of the new website is to have a marketing-focused website that will be easy to navigate and provide information that is important to prospective students and families. To help ensure that it’s easier for this audience to find relevant information, a significant part of this project includes reducing the amount of internal focused content that is currently on the site.  With this, we recognize the importance of this content, and have developed a plan to move the information. In our ongoing effort to enhance efficiency and streamline internal communication, we are introducing a new SharePoint Intranet.

Why SharePoint Intranet?

Our Marketing team has been working with departments across the University, both academic and administrative, to ensure the information our prospective students and their families both need and are interested in is easily accessible. This has led us to depart from a website navigation that mirrors our institutional structure to one that is dictated by the “Persona” a student most closely identifies with: first-year student, transfer student, graduate student, or continuing education student. This Persona model allows prospective students to have a more personalized experience, by providing the information and content that is most relevant to them.

Our goal with this initiative is to create a secure and user-friendly environment for all internal communications, information sharing, and collaboration. To achieve this, we are providing training to assist you with moving your department's internal content from our public website to SharePoint. This strategic shift will help us maintain a clear separation between internal and public content, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

Getting Started:

We encourage you to watch our informational videos if you did not attend our live sessions in September:

  1. SharePoint Intranet Introduction
  2. SharePoint Home Page and Department Template
  3. ITS SharePoint Sneak-Peak

If you are a content manager in our current CMS, Percussion, and was not able to attend our live Training 1 sessions in September please watch the videos above before proceeding to Training 2. If you are responsible for moving the content from for your department, please view our procedure documentation in the Attachments section of this article. This will walk you through getting your content in Percussion ready for moving. 


  1. September: SharePoint Intranet Introduction (Training 1)
  2. October through November: Moving Assets and Site Building (Training 2)
  3. December through January: Additional Support Training (As Requested, Bookings link will be sent after attending Training 2)
  4. December through February: Readiness Review Period
    • Initiated by department when site is ready for review. Please have your site ready no later than February 1st. ITS will reach out in January if we don’t hear from you 
  5. March 1: Go Live

Please note, the live sessions for Training 2 has ended. However, we have created this knowledge article that contains all of the information from the training session. That article also contains the link to book for the optional third training.

We are excited about this important step in enhancing our campus communication and collaboration. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. This service allows you to learn more information and request help. For questions regarding the redesign and/or Percussion, please reach out to Chris Casinelli at

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we work together to make our campus communication more efficient and secure.


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