Recording a Panopto Video from Within Canvas

  • To record a Panopto video from within a Canvas course (either assignment or Panopto folder), click on the "+ Create" button at the top of the screen:

A screenshot of a Canvas Panopto page with "Create" circled

  • Select "Panopto Capture" to capture video without downloading the Panopto application to your computer, or "Upload Media" to upload existing media

A screenshot of a Panopto module in Canvas with different creation options displayed

  • To use Panopto Capture:
    • Use the buttons at the top of the application to choose what audio source, video source, or screens you'd like to record (you can choose any or all of these).
    • To choose a screen to share, select "Screens and Apps." Here, you can choose what tabs (within your browser) windows (from your open applications) or entire screens to share.A screenshot of a Panopto Capture window showing options for sharing screens
    • Once you've selected your screens, audio, and video, hit the big red record button at the bottom of the screen, and your recording will start after a 5-second countdown.



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