Password Vault (Keeper)


Keeper Password Manager is the University provisioned and supported password management tool that allows you to keep track of all of your work passwords in a secure vault and access them with a single master password. You can access your password vault from your computer through the web app, a chrome extension and/or a mobile device.


Features and Benefits


  • Enables secure sharing of credential and secrets
  • Mitigates risk of data breaches
  • Robust compliance, reporting and auditing
  • Protects FSU against ransom ware attacks
  • Bolsters security and privacy
  • Boosts employee productivity



All University Faculty and Staff


  • Requestor must have valid FSU user account and credentials.
  • A Keeper license will need to be assigned to each user on a “per individual” basis.
  • Personal Keeper account information and logins cannot be share with other members of the FSU community.


Requesting this Service

Click on "Request Assistance" form this web page.  Once a request has been submitted and approved, the requestor will receive a welcome email from Keeper that will guide them through the setup process.


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Fulfillment Target

Response within 3 business days. Resolution within 10 business days.


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