Get assistance with your user account, logging into campus resources or remote access.

Services (11)

FSU Account & Password Support

For general issues logging into any of Framingham State applications.

Account Access Request

Access to a system or application (Banner, Evisions, Xtender, etc.).

Commonwealth Information Systems

This service provides new or modified access/credentials to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Information Systems. (If you require assistance with installing or configuring the Commonwealth Virtual Private Network, then please request the “Commonwealth VPN Maintenance” service).

Commonwealth VPN Maintenance

Install and configure Commonwealth VPN for limited University Staff.

Department or Secondary Accounts

This service provides the administrative and technical support for creating and maintaining shared accounts that two or more individuals have access to for a department, position, project, or function.

Directory Services

This service aggregates data from “authoritative sources”, such as the University’s primary administrative and student information system (a.k.a. Banner), in order to create and maintain online identities for individuals that can be verified before adding someone to a domain (e.g. “campus” or “student”), including them as a member of a group (e.g. an Academic Department or Administrative Office), or granting authorized access to resources (e.g. a networked printer or the wireless network on campus).

Laptop Password Reset

Most University owned laptops have a laptop password available for users to install software on their machines.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) creates an additional layer of security when logging into your Microsoft Office 365 account. This additional security is associated with something in your possession, such as a personal smartphone, that would be unavailable to someone who gained access to your Microsoft Office 365 account.

Password Vault (Keeper)

This service offers faculty and staff access to a secure vault for storing all university passwords.

Remote Access

Faculty, Administrators and Staff, please use this service to request remote access. This is the service you should be using to request any type of remote access such as: VPN, GotoMyPc etc

Single Sign-On

This service provides the management, administration, and technical support for secure login to multiple information systems, online services, and technology devices using a single username and password combination.