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The Network and Connectivity Management service offered by the University's central IT organization encompasses the architecture, installation, and operation of essential infrastructure components required for network connectivity. This includes network cabling, switches, wireless access points, routers, and firewalls. The service also covers the connection of devices (including Internet of Things devices) to the network, the implementation of secure access measures, and appropriate authentication procedures such as network registration systems.

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers limited support for decentralized enrollment management systems within the University (a.k.a. “departmental systems”) that are not part of the student information system (a.k.a. Banner). These systems, primarily managed by administrative offices, facilitate communications, process support, decision making, and online services associated with enrollment management functions such as; admissions, financial aid, orientation, academic advising, student success, athletics, career services, and alumni relations. Whether hosted locally within the University’s data center or in the cloud, ITS primarily provides essential technological infrastructure (e.g., network connectivity), varying levels of integration, basic troubleshooting, and security oversight. Responsibility for more comprehensive support for the management and day-to-day administration of these departmental systems typically resides within an administrative office outside of ITS.

This service provides the appropriate management and oversight mechanisms to ensure reliability, scalability, physical security and operation of University physical and virtual data centers, inclusive of on-premises, remote, and cloud-based data centers (a.k.a. Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS).

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Administrative, instructional, and technical support to ensure technology enhanced classrooms, labs and other collaborative spaces on campus are adequately designed, suitably equipped, and fully functional to meet the needs of faculty and students for remote, in person, or blended (a.k.a. Hybrid) teaching and learning modalities.

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Support for academic assessment efforts at the course, department, and program level using analytics.

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This service provides a blend of technical and administrative support for webinars, sometimes also referred to as virtual events, which are purely online gatherings that consist of some sort of informative or instructional presentation with one or more people speaking to a relatively larger audience than what’s typical for a class session or meeting. Zoom Webinar is the virtual event software platform that is supported by Framingham State University’s Information Technology Services organization.

The Information Technology Services (ITS) organization at the University provides different levels of support for the portfolio of Human Capital Management systems used at Framingham State based on whether or not the software is part of University’s primary administrative information (Banner), the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Human Resource and Compensation Management System of record (HRCMS), or a decentralized human resource system (a.k.a. “departmental systems”). Comprehensive support for the management and day-to-day administration of these departmental systems remain the responsibility the designated administrative office.

This service offers faculty and staff access to a secure vault for storing all university passwords.

This service provides administrative, management, and technical support for the University’s enterprise-wide intranet platform (a.k.a. Microsoft SharePoint) which enables academic departments, colleges, administrative offices, and divisions to create and maintain private websites that only allow Framingham State students, faculty, and staff access to documents, forms, and other information resources through a secure login.

Access to a system or application (Banner, Evisions, Xtender, etc.).

Centrally managed administrative and technical support for networked printers and copier hardware and software including multi-function devices capable of copying, scanning, faxing, and printing. This also includes print quota systems, 3D printing, and other replicating technologies.

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This service enables students and faculty to selectively showcase their work and academic accomplishments online and reflect on their own teaching and learning experiences.

This service provides technical and administrative support for video conferencing software, which enables people to participate in meetings and class sessions that are either purely online or some blend of online and in-person. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are the two video conferencing software platforms that are supported by Framingham State University’s Information Technology Services organization.

Offerings that help provide a secure computing environment for end users, and seek to prevent or at least mitigate breaches of information security by reducing vulnerabilities and mitigating potential threats.

This service provides purchasing consultation, hardware procurement, configuration, distribution, loaning, asset tracking, refreshing (upgrades and replacements), and technology recycling for university owned computers that are supported by the Information Technology Services organization before, during, and after their use until the time they are no longer the property of Framingham State.

Administrative, technical, and instructional design support for producing, storing, editing, sharing, and accessing recorded presentations, lectures and class proceedings that are created for the purposes of learning and instruction.

This service helps to prepare for and provide a response to known or possible instances of compromised systems or breached security in order to mitigate damage, ensure legal compliance, and expedite remediation.

Using a standard methodology, this service defines schedules and manages projects involving multiple departments across the University.

Change Management effectively controls the lifecycle of all modifications to IT infrastructure and enterprise application services through standardized methods and procedures. The primary objective is to enable beneficial changes to be made with minimum disruption.

Assistance with creating, integrating, and optimizing technology enhanced experiences within courses offered by Framingham State University based on pedagogically sound generally accepted best practices.

This service provides the administrative and technical support for official University communications that are sent via E-mail to all Students, Faculty, and/or Staff - including smaller subsets of cohort members - using a single address to reach all of them as a group rather than sending messages to multiple individual addresses.