Single Sign-On


The following are included as part of this service:

  • Determining feasibility based on technical, operational, and financial requirements
  • Identifying viable options to fulfill the requirements and then selecting the means and methods for implementation
  • Ensuring adequate security (e.g. certificates), software licensing and/or subscription to cloud-based services are maintained to support the implementation and ongoing maintenance
  • System design, configuration, and integration of the solution(s) based on the requirements
  • Implementations for cloud-based or on-premise information systems and online services
  • Change management including the development and execution of a communications plan
  • Post implementation support including assigned roles and responsibilities for ongoing administration (e.g. documentation and configuration management) and technical support (e.g. troubleshooting and upgrades)



This service is available to all Framingham State University account holders including; Faculty, Staff, Students, and Contractors.


Features and Benefits

• Streamlines the login process -- no need to reenter usernames and passwords repeatedly for anything     integrated with single sign-on (improves usability for users)
• Reduces the number of usernames and passwords that need to be managed
• Fewer password related incidents and requests for assistance (lowers IT costs)
• Increased security and compliance



• Any candidate information system or online service for integration with Single Sign-on (SSO) must first be vetted for approval or denial by the Director of Infrastructure and Operations. Approved integrations with SSO must then go through the change management process in order to facilitate the planning and coordination of additions, modifications, or removals.
• The solutions must be compatible with standard Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities, including SAML.
• The solution must also include a current contract for technical support and maintenance to assist with setup, implementation and on-going support.


Requesting the Service

Click on “Request Assistance” from this web page in order to provide us with some basic information about your unmet or anticipated need and then submit your request.


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Fulfillment Target

Within three business days, someone from Information Technology Services (ITS) will respond to the request. Depending on the complexity of the request and workload within ITS, a target fulfillment date will be set between two and four weeks out from the initial request. Priority will be given to urgent requests where warranted and efforts will be made to expedite the turnaround time for these requests as may be necessary due to implementation timelines.

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