Communication and Collaboration

Services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs including; E-mail, conferencing, telephony, mass communications, collaborative platforms, mobile apps, web applications such as intranets and portals.

Categories (4)

Email and Calendar

Information and help for e-mail, distribution groups, and calendars.

Collaboration Services

Request information or assistance with collaboration tools such as Office 365.

Conferencing and Telephones

Telephony, including voice/VoIP, teleconferencing, and web conferencing hosted either in cloud or on-premises.

Services (5)

FSU Alert

One-way communications and emergency notifications to the entire campus or other defined groups. Includes campus alerts via E-mail, text messaging, and phone calls with recorded audio.

Mass E-Mail Communication

This service provides the administrative and technical support for official University communications that are sent via E-mail to all Students, Faculty, and/or Staff - including smaller subsets of cohort members - using a single address to reach all of them as a group rather than sending messages to multiple individual addresses.

Private Websites and Document Management

This service provides administrative, management, and technical support for the University’s enterprise-wide intranet platform (a.k.a. Microsoft SharePoint) which enables academic departments, colleges, administrative offices, and divisions to create and maintain private websites that only allow Framingham State students, faculty, and staff access to documents, forms, and other information resources through a secure login.

Video Conferencing

This service provides technical and administrative support for video conferencing software, which enables people to participate in meetings and class sessions that are either purely online or some blend of online and in-person. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are the two video conferencing software platforms that are supported by Framingham State University’s Information Technology Services organization.

Virtual Events

This service provides a blend of technical and administrative support for webinars, sometimes also referred to as virtual events, which are purely online gatherings that consist of some sort of informative or instructional presentation with one or more people speaking to a relatively larger audience than what’s typical for a class session or meeting. Zoom Webinar is the virtual event software platform that is supported by Framingham State University’s Information Technology Services organization.