Telephony and Voice Mail


The University provides a wide array of voice communications services, ranging from office LAN phones to various intake technologies for voice calls. 

  • VoIP, SIP and analog LAN phone connections for use with University issued Grandstream model devices.
  • Virtual phone software (“softphones”) that can act as a LAN phone and is installed on a microphone equipped laptop/desktop or mobile device.
  • Polycom or Grandstream conference phones for rooms and events where Zoom/Microsoft Teams are not appropriate or desired.
  • Intake and routing technologies for incoming and transferred calls, including ring groups, digital receptionists and call queues.
  • Physical and virtual fax capabilities depending on needs and applicable legal requirements.
  • Voicemail services that can be provided to all extensions regardless of having a physical LAN device.



Framingham State University Students, Faculty and Staff are all eligible for this service.


Features and Benefits
  • Several models of Gransdtream (or Polycom) phone units are available to best suit departmental needs.
  • 3CX softphone application allows for placement, receiving and management of calls and voicemail from any computer or mobile device.  (**Note:  laptop/desktop based 3CX softphone software is not appropriate for dialing 911 and is not provided for this purpose).
  • Voicemail may be accessed remotely, from office phones, or by E-Mail.  Copies of voicemail sent by E-Mail will be automatically transcribed into text in the body of the E-Mail message.
  • Call center locations may choose to structure incoming calls to be routed in such a way that calls are distributed evenly among staff and assigned based on a pre-set skill level.  Queues may also be managed on campus by a web based portal.
  • Departments may choose to have a digital receptionist setup to help provide callers with information and routing options before they speak with a staff member.  Intake technologies utilize a software created, script based voice message. 
  • Fax servers are available for receiving faxes that can be forwarded to a department share drive or E-Mail (if legally appropriate).



Assigned technology types may be determined by any applicable legal requirements (ex. HIPAA).  All requests, changes and voice recordings for department digital receptionists and call queues require department head (Director/Dean) approval.


Requesting the Service

Click on the corresponding service request/ offering from this web page in order to provide us with some basic information about your unmet or anticipated need and then submit your request.


Related Documentation

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Fulfillment Target

Response within 3 business days.  Requests for call queues and digital receptionist will require time to plan and configure.