Two-Way Text Messaging

  • ITS provides support for the upload of data to the text messaging communications platform in the form an output file from Banner that includes student information, such as: Name, Cellphone, Academic History and Demographic Information. 

  • ITS provides support for Single Sign-on (SSO) used for authentication to the management portal. This is limited to the individuals, departments or groups that have been approved to send text messages and access text message information. (Students do not login via Single Sign-on (SSO) or access the management portal.) 


  • All “active” students are automatically added the service as part of the data upload process. Students have the ability to “opt out” of receiving text messages, if they choose to do so.  (The opt-out functionality is built into the application and is not part of SSO or any administrative function provided by the ITS department). 

  • Individuals, departments or campus groups wishing to use the software and send text messages to students must first be approved by the Communications Department to do so.  (This step must be completed prior to ITS adding anyone to Single Sign-on (SSO) for access to the management portal). 


Features and Benefits
  • Two-way text messaging allows for targeted communications that ensures that messages are received by the correct student(s) at the correct time.  

  • Text messages can be tailored to specific student(s) to improve response rates. 

  • 98% of text messages that are received by students are read. 

  • 90% of text messages are read by students within 34 minutes of receiving the message. 

  • The engagement rate for student response to a text message is 50-90%. 



Prior approval from the Communication Director.


Requesting the Service

Click on the corresponding service request/incident from this web page in order to provide us with some basic information about your unmet or anticipated need and then submit your request.


Related Documentation

None at this time.


Fulfillment Target

The output file from Banner to upload student data is an on-going scripted process.  For any requests to modify the script, a consultation will be scheduled within one week of an official request being submitted.  Implementation timelines for the modifications will be dependent upon the complexity of the request. For all other incidents or requests related to this service the response time is 3 business days.