Video Conferencing

Description or Overview

This service provides technical and administrative support for video conferencing software, which enables people to participate in meetings and class sessions that are either purely online or some blend of online and in-person.  Zoom and Microsoft Teams are the two video conferencing software platforms that are supported by Framingham State University's Information Technology Services organization.


Features and Benefits

  • Login through Framingham State's single sign-on (only required for the host)
  • Integration with Canvas and Panoptop (Zoom only)
  • Real-time audio, video and screen sharing
  • Up to 500 participants and attendees
  • Functionality that allows the host to control or share control of content, moderate participation, and restrict access (e.g. requiring registration and/or passwords)
  • Interactive features that encourage audience participation (e.g. polls, surveys, raise hand, chat, etc.)
  • Breakout Rooms and Waiting Room
  • Closed captioning and Recording
  • Recorded meetings and class sessions can be stored within Zoom for up to 180 days


  • License to use Zoom Meetings and Microsoft Teams
  • Consultative support prior to creating, organizing, and hosting a meeting or class session
  • Documentation and training
  • The availability of technical support during the meeting or class session is contingent upon the availability of staff and limited to the days and hours of Information Technology Services operations as shown on the above Home page.



This service is available to all university

  • Faculty
  • Staff



All Faulty and Staff at the University have a license to host meetings and class sessions using Zoom Meetings and Microsoft Teams, both of which can be accessed from the cloud or from software that is pre-installed on University owned computers.


Requesting the Service
  • To request assistance with these services or to request a Zoom account, select the appropriate button (above right) to access the online form.  To report a problem with Microsoft Teams or any University supported Zoom product, select the appropriate button (above right).
  • The Alumni Room in the McCarthy Campus Center is equipped with unique video conferencing hardware and zoom Room software that is ideal for relatively large meetings on campus which also require extensive interaction with people participating form remote locations.  Arrangements for room reservations and requests for technical assistance must be coordinated through Campus Events.


Related Documentation

More information and answers to frequently asked questions can be accessed by searching the Knowledge Base, located in the menu bar above.


Fulfillment Target

Response within 3 business days.  Resolution within 10 business days.