Services that support the operation and management of foundational technology for communication systems, online services, and information systems including data center operations, capacity planning, systems design, monitoring, and day-to-day administration.

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The architecture, installation, and operation of infrastructure items required to offer network connectivity, such as network cabling, routers, and firewalls. Includes connecting devices (including Internet of Thingsdevices) to the network, network access management, securing access to networks, and appropriate authentication (e.g., network registration systems, VPN, and NAC).

Requests for server support, data storage requirements and shared drives.

Services (2)

Continuity of Information Systems and Services

This service provides the planning, and coordination that is necessary in order to adequately prepare for, recover from, and restore technological infrastructure, information systems and online services in the event of a natural disaster or some other occurrence that is defined as a harmful event or major incident.

Data Center Management

This service provides the appropriate management and oversight mechanisms to ensure reliability, scalability, physical security and operation of University physical and virtual data centers, inclusive of on-premises, remote, and cloud-based data centers (a.k.a. Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS).