Instructional Design and Course Development


Choose from multiple options for individual or group consultation and instructional design support for experimenting with new ideas, creating new courses, reinventing existing courses, revising portions of existing courses, and development of full degree programs.  This includes incorporating the portfolio of interactive technologies for learning and instruction the University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) organization currently supports, as well as experimentation with and introduction of other technologies.  The scope includes:

  • Documentation, workshops, training and orientations on how to use any of the teaching and learning technologies the ITS organization currently supports.
  • Individual and group consultations or facilitated working groups with an instructional designer, instructional technologist, audiovisual support specialist, and/or other ITS staff member with expertise in designing, equipping, and developing content and strategies for teaching and learning in various modalities, including fully online, in person, or some hybrid combination. 
  • Administration of programs used to promote innovation and the adoption of pedagogically sound best practices, including annual funding and support for teaching with technology grants, summer institutes, and training related to course design standards (e.g., “Quality Matters” framework).



All faculty and staff may request assistance with anything that is within the scope of this service.


Features and Benefits
  • Consistency (without imposing uniformity) across shared teaching and learning environments based on University standards which can be tailored for the needs of specific educational experiences
  • Applied knowledge of standards (e.g., “Quality Matters”)
  • Increasing course accessibility and usability
  • Aligning course content with learning objectives
  • Improving assessment and measurement
  • Developing learner activities to improve engagement and interaction
  • Enhancing student communication and support
  • Introducing new technology
  • Transformative use of information and technology to inform, create, and deliver novel experiences for students and faculty



None beyond being a member of the University’s faculty or staff.


Requesting the Service

Click the “Request Assistance” or "Report an Issue" button from this web page to provide us with some basic information about your unmet, anticipated need or issue, then submit your request.


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Fulfillment Target

Within two business days, someone within the Education Technology Office will respond to the requestor to acknowledge the service request and schedule a follow-up appointment if needed.