Server and Storage Management


The Server and Storage Management service provided by the University's central IT organization is designed to support the provisioning, hosting, and administration of both physical and virtual servers, as well as the management of related storage infrastructure. This comprehensive service includes the maintenance and provisioning of core storage capabilities such as server storage and database backups, ensuring the availability, reliability, and security of the University's critical data and applications.



Divisions, departments and approved University organizations are all eligible to submit a request for a new server or storage solution.  For implementation services, on-going support and routine maintenance requests, a point-person or liaison should be appointed to interface directly with Information Technology Services.


Features and Benefits
  • Hosting and administration of physical and virtual servers, tailored to meet the unique requirements of University departments and units
  • Robust and scalable storage solutions, including server storage and database backups
  • Regular maintenance, updates, and patching of servers and storage infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and security
  • Expert support for server and storage-related issues, minimizing downtime and disruptions to IT services
  • Comprehensive backup and recovery procedures to safeguard the University's data and applications
  • Installation and configuration of software, where applicable and agreed upon by Information Technology Services
  • Management of system level user accounts, access controls, and permissions 


  • All requests for new server or storage implementations must be submitted by a department director, department chair, area vice president or above and include any necessary purchasing approvals for software or hardware
  • It is the responsibility of requesting department to procure and maintain any licensing, support services or contractual agreements with third-party vendors for all software and applications
  • Information Technology Services will provide best effort support for the installation and setup of new applications and software, but a scope-of-work for implementation services may be required from the reseller or third-party vendor dependent upon the complexity requirements
  • ITS will obtain hardware quotes for any required dedicated physical hardware, but Information Technology Services is not responsible for the funding or procurement process for obtaining the new hardware  
  • All application level administration within software is the responsibility of the requesting department, unless otherwise agreed upon by Information Technology Services


Requesting the Service

Click the appropriate “Request” button from this web page in order to provide us with some basic information about your unmet or anticipated need and then submit your request.


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Fulfillment Target
  • Standard requests (e.g., provisioning new storage, adjusting server settings): Resolution within 2-3 business days
  • Server and Storage Management incidents: Initial response within 4 hours and ongoing updates until resolution
  • Complex requests (e.g., implementing new server and storage solutions, capacity planning): Timeframes will vary based on the complexity of the request; project timelines will be communicated to the requester during the planning phase


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Service Offerings (4)

New systems and storage requests.
Shared Drive
Request a new shared drive or permissions to an existing one.
System Integrations
Requests for integrations of new systems with current services.