Security Consulting and Education


This service provides a blend of general awareness and training, as well as practical guidance that is tailored to individuals, administrative offices and academic departments for securing information, adhering to compliance obligations and protecting against cybercrime. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Annual online awareness training, ongoing promotion of generally accepted best practices, and periodic advisory notifications as may be necessary
  • In person “wellness checks” or office visits that are either one-on-one consultations or conducted as more of a holistic review of departmental practices
  • Detailed analysis of specific information security management practices
  • Review of contractual agreements, programs, projects, products and services to ensure adherence to compliance obligations and University policies
  • Follow-up recommendations and guidance for mitigating cyber security risks, ensuring greater compliance, or becoming more familiar with information security practices



This service is available to all university

  • faculty
  • staff


Features & Benefits

• How to be a better steward of sensitive information by protecting it from unauthorized access and use
• How to ensure that contractual agreements, processes, projects and procurement of technology and online services all incorporate risk management and information security requirements
• How to be in compliance with applicable university policies and regulatory obligations





Requesting this Service

Click on “Request Assistance” from this web page in order to provide us with some basic information about your unmet or anticipated need and then submit your request.


Fulfilment Target

Within three business days, someone from Information Technology Services (ITS) will respond to your request. Depending on the complexity of the request and workload within ITS, a target fulfillment date will be set between four and eight weeks out from the initial request. Priority will be given to urgent requests where warranted and efforts will be made to expedite the turnaround time for these requests as may be necessary.

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