Administrative and technical support for the University's comprehensive information security program and physical security systems.

Services (6)

Audits and Assessments

This service provides the planning, coordination, and facilitation of activities related to compliance obligations and adherence to standards for risk management, information security, and cybersecurity including; information gathering, generating reports, providing analysis, and follow-up on recommendations or findings.

Cybersecurity and Safe Computing

Offerings that help provide a secure computing environment for end users, and seek to prevent or at least mitigate breaches of information security by reducing vulnerabilities and mitigating potential threats.

Physical Security Systems

This service provides administration and support for the various security technologies that provide restriction and security of physical spaces, campus video monitoring and access to emergency and life safety communications. Many of these technologies are integrated into existing facilities and law enforcement functions.

Policy Administration

This service provides the management of documented IT security policies, guidelines, and standards including their development, publication, periodic review, and updates.

Security Consulting and Education

Security reviews, education, and awareness of campus security requirements, policies, and guidelines. Includes contract reviews and risk assessments.

Security Incident Response and Investigation

This service helps to prepare for and provide a response to known or possible instances of compromised systems or breached security in order to mitigate damage, ensure legal compliance, and expedite remediation.