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The University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) organization provides limited support for decentralized enrollment management systems, also known as "departmental systems," within the University. These systems may be hosted locally within the University's data center or in the cloud, and serve various facilities management functions including; event management and room scheduling (25Live), point of sale transaction systems (Transact), parking permits (Rydin), parking citations (Passport), housing and residential life (StarRez).

ITS responsibilities that are within the scope of this service offering include:

  • Providing essential technological infrastructure, such as network connectivity
  • Facilitating varying levels of system integration
  • Offering basic troubleshooting assistance
  • Overseeing system security

Administrative office responsibilities include:

  • Vendor management and contract administration
  • Day-to-day administration and operation
  • Coordinating user access and privileges
  • Managing system upgrades and configurations (in coordination with ITS and third parties)
  • Ensuring data accuracy and integrity
  • End-user support including documentation, training, and assistance with resolving incidents and fulfilling requests (e.g., reporting, etc.)
  • Working with ITS and/or directly with third parties as necessary to troubleshoot and resolve anything specific to the software and/or integration with other systems

While ITS ensures the foundational support for these departmental systems, the designated administrative offices are responsible for comprehensive management and daily administration, allowing for efficient and tailored support to serve specific enrollment management functions that are outside the scope of what the University’s primary administrative and student information system of record (Banner) is used for.


  • Designated Full-time and part-time faculty members
  • Administrative and support staff responsible for the management of the information system
  • Graduate and research assistants as determined by full-time employees with the authorization to grant access privileges
  • Temporary employees directly involved in enrollment management processes as determined by full-time employees with the authorization to grant access privileges

Eligibility for assistance from ITS may vary depending on whether the system is hosted locally within the University's data center or in the cloud, the extent of integration with other information systems that are under the centralized administration of ITS, the role of third party product and service providers, and applicable policies and procedures.  Generally, assistance is provided by ITS under the following conditions:

  • The requestor is a designated representative of an eligible party (e.g., faculty, staff, or department head) with a legitimate need to access or manage the departmental systems.
  • The request pertains to essential technological infrastructure, basic troubleshooting, security oversight, or integration services within ITS's scope of support.
  • The request is compliant with the University's IT policies, guidelines, and any relevant legal or regulatory requirements.
  • The request does not impose unreasonable demands on ITS resources, such as time, personnel, or financial constraints.
  • The request does not involve comprehensive management or daily administration of the departmental system, which is the responsibility of the respective administrative office.


Features and Benefits

The features and benefits listed below emphasize the ITS organization's commitment to providing foundational support for departmental systems, ensuring a stable and secure environment for enrollment management processes within Framingham State University.

Essential Technological Infrastructure:

  • Ensuring reliable network connectivity
  • Providing required hardware and software resources
  • Maintaining data center or cloud hosting environments

Varying Levels of System Integration:

  • Facilitating seamless connections between departmental systems and other University platforms
  • Assisting with data sharing and synchronization across relevant applications

Basic Troubleshooting Assistance:

  • Addressing common technical issues related to system accessibility and performance
  • Resolving minor configuration and connectivity problems

Security Oversight:

  • Implementing security measures to protect sensitive information and system access
  • Monitoring and mitigating potential cyber threats
  • Ensuring compliance with institutional policies, legal regulations, and industry best practices

Streamlined Support Request Process:

  • Utilizing a service management system for efficient support request submission and tracking
  • Providing clear guidelines for eligibility and conditions of support

Collaboration with Administrative Offices:

  • Working closely with designated administrative offices to optimize system functionality and user experience
  • Offering guidance on best practices for system maintenance and administration within the scope of ITS support



Eligibility Verification:

  • The requestor must be a faculty member, staff, or other authorized individual directly involved in enrollment management processes.

Prior Consultation:

  • If applicable, the requestor should consult with the respective administrative office for guidance before submitting a request to ITS, especially if the issue is related to comprehensive management or daily administration of the departmental system.

Legitimate Need:

  • The support request should pertain to a genuine need related to the operation, management, or maintenance of the departmental systems.

Request Scope:

  • The support request should fall within the scope of ITS responsibilities, such as essential infrastructure, system integration, basic troubleshooting, or security oversight.


  • The request must adhere to the University's IT policies, guidelines, legal regulations, and industry best practices.

Submission Method:

  • The request must be submitted through the University's designated IT service catalog, service desk, or other approved communication channels.

Detailed Information:

  • The request should provide all necessary information, including system details, user identification, a description of the issue or need, and any relevant troubleshooting steps already taken.

By fulfilling these prerequisites, individuals seeking support from ITS for decentralized facilities management systems can ensure a smooth and efficient process, while also adhering to the University's guidelines and policies.


Requesting the Service

Click on "Request Assistance" from this web page in order to provide us with some basic information about your unmet or anticipated need and then submit your request.


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Fulfillment Target

For resolving incidents and fulfilling requests for support from the Information Technology Services (ITS) for decentralized facilities management systems within the University, the ITS organization aims to achieve the following fulfillment targets:

  • Initial Response Time: Within 4 business hours of receiving a support request, the ITS team will acknowledge the request and provide an estimated timeframe for resolution or fulfillment, depending on the complexity and priority of the issue.
  • Resolution Time: The ITS team strives to resolve incidents and fulfill support requests within 2 to 5 business days, depending on the severity, urgency, and scope of the issue. Complex cases may require additional time and collaboration with the respective administrative office and/or third party service providers.

Please note that these fulfillment targets are guidelines and may vary depending on institutional policies, available resources, and the specific nature of each support request. The ITS organization is committed to providing timely and effective support for decentralized facilities management systems while maintaining transparent communication with requestors throughout the process.


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