Recordings of Presentations, Lectures, and Class Proceedings


The scope of this service includes provisioning, training, documentation, and assistance with the production, capture, and dissemination of recorded presentations, lectures, and class session proceedings that are produced and then accessed using one or more of the following technologies supported by the University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) organization:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Canvas
  • Classroom Technologies (e.g. what is made available within “hyflex” classrooms)
  • Panopto
  • PowerPoint
  • VoiceThread
  • Zoom
  • Camtasia
  • YouTube

Note: Password-protected recordings may also be made available from the university website or other websites as well.



All Framingham State University faculty, students, and staff who need assistance with producing and recording presentations, lectures, and class proceedings for the purposes of learning and instruction using technologies that are supported by ITS.


Features and Benefits
  • Prepaid licenses to use software needed to produce and disseminate recordings.
  • Consultative guidance and other assistance to help with producing and disseminating the recordings in order to help meet teaching and learning objectives.
  • Designated locations on campus are designed and equipped specifically to accommodate the requirements for being able to record presentations, meetings, and class proceedings (e.g. so-called “hyflex” classrooms).
  • Panopto and VoiceThread are integrated with Canvas and adhere to the access and accessibility standards outlined in the Lecture Capture Policy and Standards documents
  • Recordings created with other tools (e.g., Zoom) can also be easily imported into Panopto or VoiceThread and then benefit from the features of those tools.


  • All recordings must be captioned to align with the University’s standards for accessibility.
  • Technology must be provided and supported by the University’s ITS organization.


Requesting the Service

Use the “Request Assistance” or "Report an Issue" button on this web page to provide basic information about your unmet, anticipated need, or issue, then submit your request with along with whatever details you can provide.


Related Documentation
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  • Classroom technology videos, Guide to classroom technology, Lecture Capture Policy and Standards documents.


Fulfillment Target

Within two business days, the requestor will receive a response to general requests for assistance or to answer any specific questions. The target time intervals to initially respond to all incidents and requests for technical assistance that are not immediately resolved during first contact are as follows: 

  •  Initial Response (During an in-class emergency): Return phone call within 15 minutes of the reported incident. 
  • Initial Response (During Normal Business Hours): Return phone call or E-mail message within 1 to 4 hours of the reported incident or request. 
  • Initial Response (After Normal Business Hours): Return phone call or E-mail message before the end of the next business day of the reported incident or request.