Supplementary Academic Technology and Support


ITS provides partial support services to all academic departments and colleges with more specialized technology-enhanced classrooms, labs, and collaborative spaces that ITS does not fully provision or support. 

Services include consultation, design, and assistance with hardware installation, software installation, updates, asset tracking, network printing services, workstation security, usage statistics, and problem diagnosis and resolution as feasible and following agreed-upon service levels provided within the scope of this service.


  • Any faculty or staff member may submit an assistance request within the scope of this service.  Students may also report incidents or request assistance with audiovisual equipment and infrastructure that ITS supports within the locations for learning, instruction, and collaboration.
  • Academic departments or colleges desiring a new or modified technology-enhanced classroom, lab, or collaborative space must initiate a feasibility review to be conducted by ITS personnel in coordination with other stakeholders.  
  • Specialty labs require each academic department to designate an “owner” responsible for ensuring technical support is available as may be necessary for technologies not provisioned or supported by the University’s ITS organization.  This support should include phone support provided by the supplier (or some other third party) and may consist of advanced parts replacement or additional on-site professional services as needed.  Services out of scope include opening and closing a specialty lab and daily lab operation, providing physical access to the lab facility, scheduling the lab, training students in lab use, and scheduling and managing student lab employees.
  • ITS may terminate or suspend the hosting of any system that is no longer supported by a third party or disconnect any system that may introduce an unacceptable vulnerability to cybersecurity, and no longer provide or support any software that is no longer used according to the terms and conditions of licensing agreements.


Features and Benefits
  • Planning and coordination associated with annual budget allocations are done with the input and involvement of stakeholders through the Campus Technology Advisory Committee (CTAC) every year based on the unmet or anticipated needs of specified locations, technology, required funding, support, and proposed schedule for each.  Members of the CTAC include representatives from Information Technology Services, Facilities, Deans, Registrar’s Office, Residence Life, and other administrative offices consistent with the need to make appropriately informed recommendations. 
  • Empower faculty to use technologies and pedagogical best practices to meet the needs of our students and build self-sufficiency in learning to use the equipment in classrooms and computer labs.
  • Assistance with planning, purchasing, deploying and supporting the ongoing use and maintenance of lab technology and software.
  • ITS provides shared technological infrastructure such as network services and other capabilities that provide essential capabilities such as connectivity to and from the Internet.



Departments desiring a computer lab facility for department use that requires ITS support and access to any aspect of the University’s technological infrastructure must coordinate the planning and development of such a lab with the full cooperation and approval of Information Technology Services (ITS).


Requesting the Service

Use the “Request Assistance” or "Report an Issue" button on this web page to provide basic information about your unmet or anticipated need or the issue you've encountered, then submit the details.


Related Documentation

Reference the classroom technology videos, Guide to Use Classroom Technology, and Technology-enhanced Classroom, Lab, and Collaborative Space Policy and Standards documents.


Fulfillment Target

Within two business days, the requestor will receive a response to acknowledge the service request and answer any specific questions.