Insert a Panopto video into a Canvas module

When would you use this?

You want to embed or display a Panopto video your Canvas course.


A Panopto video can be embedded in any item you create in a Canvas course, including a page, assignment instructions, or discussion prompt.

These instructions reflect embedding a video on a page in a module:

  1. Edit the page you have created.
  2. Select the Apps icon (looks like a plug).
  3. Select Panopto Video or click View All to search available apps to locate Panopto.
  4. By default, the pop-up screen will display videos located in this course. If needed, click on the dropdown above to choose a different Panopto folder.
  5. Select the video by clicking into the circle to the left of the video thumbnail.
  6. Click Insert.
  7. Save the page.

Screenshot for step 2:

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